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"Down From the Door" - EP

by My Mother's Moustache

Opting for nuance, bandleader and songwriter Joe Sabourin favours subtle instrumentation to the raucous guitars and pounding drums featured on their debut album Stories We Tell. With the addition of new band members, the music takes on a shift in tone and style. Mandolin player Colin Rugg weaves melodic mandolin tremolo lines atop the constant pulse of a Wurlitzer in “Sometimes,” while instrumental "Amaryllis," last seen on Stories, has been rearranged with raw, earthy, acoustic energy. Each song tells a different story, captured by album artist Dave Mahan, and is featured most strongly with the chaotic and full arrangement of “Ghosts” recounting the story about a man and woman crossing over to a dark land. Recorded live in a living room, Down From the Door is an homage to the warm, lush albums of the 1960s and 70s.