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by My Mother's Moustache

Calacirya is about the quiet moments as much as it is an exploration into the interplay between musicians, space, and how instruments and voices work together creating layers of sound. From their guiding question, “How do we best serve Music?,” My Mother’s Moustache, supported by their fans and curious folk, created Calacirya- their first crowdfunded album recorded in an old brick church in Northern Vermont. This newest release by the group captures the feel of 60s and 70s Folk and Americana sound with an emphasis of modern storytelling and lyricism. Using the old church to their advantage, the artistic collaboration emphasize sparser arrangements without compromising the distinct sound crafted for the dark and brooding release.

During the course of recording, the songs shifted to play on the strengths of each musician and capture their unique voice and sound to unify the whole. Joe Sabourin shows a new understanding of both his voice and his instruments, crafting acoustic and electric guitar parts that support his, now stronger, vocal lines. When he does step out, it’s to emphasise the notes around him, rather than to showcase his own ability or back the needs of the song with additional bass support. Multi-instrumentalist Matt Bean offers his own Irish tinged flavour to the recordings, weaving in and out of the arrangements on fiddle, mandolin, and concertina. Ian Koeller lends his drumming prowess to the sound of the recordings. His simple and tasteful playing blends with Sabourin’s writing and playing and brings out dynamic changes that help to tell the story spun between the notes of each song, and the album as a whole. A late addition to the recording, local singer Miku (of Miku Daza) brings an entirely different energy from her normal punk rock fare. She weaves delicate harmonies and ghostly wails into the tapestry, adding to the dark and mood filled atmosphere of the album.

Calacirya will be available in both digital and physical format now.


Joe Sabourin – Guitars/Bass/Vocals

Matt Bean – Fiddle/Mandolin/Concertina/ Vocals

Ian Koeller – Drums/Percussion

Miku - Background Vocals

Engineered and Mixed by: Chris Tranten

Produced by: Joe Sabourin

Album Art by: Dave Mahan

Recorded at The Old Brick Church in Williston VT

Music and Lyrics written by Joe Sabourin, except “St. James Infirmary,” the origin of which is uncertain.